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Danebury Dawn – VII
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I get up early. I choose to do so despite having flexible working hours and a vague need to regularly collaborate with co-workers in the US. I’ve tried different routines and being up early and getting home early suits me best. I have a quick breakfast then have a wake up espresso and get flickry things done and out of my system before heading to work.
By the time I’m at work I’m in the right frame of mind, instead of waking up for the first hour at work. When I quit for the day, I’m done, and I’m home again in time to get out in the garden, or have a bite to eat and head out to the woods with the cameras.

It makes it hard to have lie ins though. Even on weekends I’m usually up before 8. But that’s good, too. I get things done that need doing, then I have the evenings to wind down and relax. Chill.

On top of that if I need an early start, it’s not such a system shock. Getting up for sunrise at Danebury meant getting up an hour earlier than usual but on a Saturday and was totally worth it. I was home by 8am, for coffee and papers and spent the rest of the day energised by the glorious morning. Bread was made, lawns were mown, sheds were tidied. Then later a deleicious savory stuffed chicken breast was pan-fried and served with a creamy mushroom sauce courgettes and cheesy polenta, and beer was drunk while watching black books.

There is value in getting up early.