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down in the river’s mirror, originally uploaded by Skink74.

There is always some element of fortune at play. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe you took a wrong turn and stumbled into the perfect scene. In the past I ran a roll of film through my A-1 without realising I’d already shot it 10 years earlier and got some very cool results.

In this case the shooting went fine, the weather was doing what I wanted and the scenery was all I could have hoped for. I got the exposure and the depth of field pretty much bang on, and I remembered to screw on the R72 filter. When it came to development however, I forgot about the thing entirely while pottering around in the garden, and left the film stewing for two hours – instead of the normal one – in a tank full of Rodinal 1+100.

Well it turns out it was a pretty fine “mistake”. I think I may develop all my IR820 like this. The fine detail that comes out in the shadow areas at large sizes is tremendous, and the overall tonality blows me away.

Fortune favours the lucky.