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back garden, originally uploaded by Skink74.

I realised recently I hadn’t taken a successful tri-chrome with my 6×12 pinhole camera since I rebuilt the front end to reduce the vignetting. So given that the clouds were moving fast and the garden was full of colour, I thought I’d run a roll through it.
It’s probably the most wasteful way of producing a colour image I can think of but there’s something pleasantly retro about the results. The filters I currently have don’t overlap completely, so there are gaps in the colour which gives a muted palette. There’s also the surreal Harris-shutter effect from moving objects (or shaky camera). If it reminds you of old technicolor movies then that’s not surprising, since it’s similar idea to the 3-strip process of the 1930s.
Following the success of two hours stand development with the infrared film, I thought I’d try it with this roll, especially since I was unsure of the exact exposures due tot the fast moving cloud.