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ponies in the morning, originally uploaded by Skink74.

We never stop making mistakes, no matter how hard we try and avoid them. The key is to work out what we did wrong each time and remember it, so that the next mistake is a different one.
At the time I took this shot I thought it had gone okay – nice light, ponies shuffling about just enough to blur during the 2 second exposure, interesting tree shapes. I remembered the R72 filter and got the exposure about right.
The mistake happened during development – some air bubbles must have got trapped in the reel and prevented any development where they touched the emulsion, causing the black blobs on the left. In normal, by-the-book development this probably wouldn’t have happened since the regular agitation would make it unlikely that the bubble sat long enough anywhere to be a problem.
In this case I was using stand development in a weak developer with no agitation after the first thirty seconds, so the bubbles just sat there. For two hours the rest of the film developed away while the bubbles kept these small regions essentially dry.
So the lesson here is to use a bit more developer, and after initial agitation to give the tank a much harder tap to dislodge any bubbles, before leaving it to stand.