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Reading an article over at Earthbound Light about choosing your point of focus I saw this little section and it resonated with me:
Photography is very much about technical things when dealing with shutter speed, aperture and so on, but it is also very much about creativity when dealing with how you employ those technical tools.
Make taking pictures the result of a series of conscious choices, not a haphazard activity.

I love all the technical aspects of photography, my mind works that way I guess – I write notes for all my film exposures and record the details in the EXIF of the scanned frames later. This is of little practical use, really, although as I’m still feeling my way around the Bronica to some extent it’s good to know where the limits of focus are for a given lens/aperture for example, but I like to know them anyway. But writing everything down is another example of slowing down when taking photography, which for me at least was a big step in improving the quality of shots I take.
It’s tempting, particularly with a digital camera, to shoot away at every opportunity and then sort out the good shots later on the computer but in my view this is a false economy. I’d much rather spend the time outside trying to get the right shot than in front of a monitor, trying to make less thought out images look better.