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S2A Polaroid back, originally uploaded by Skink74.

Eager to try something different, some time ago I got hold of a Polaroid back for the S2A. It was in reasonable condition, and came with an original manual, and it was a reasonable price, so I was pretty pleased. When it arrived it had 3 sheets of an old Polaroid pack still inside, but the chemical sachets were completely dried up, so I hadn’t had a chance to try it out until today, when I got a pack of Fuji FP-100c.
Loading it was pretty straightforward, although I was initially wary of the various paper tabs and just how firmly to pull them. There was a break in the otherwise wintry weather, and a grabbed a quick shot out of the window as a test. More tab pulling and two minutes later I had a lovely colour print.
I’m pretty impressed with the output, the colours are very natural, and if I hadn’t been so hasty and focussed properly the print would show plenty of detail even in the 6×6 area it covers. This is possibly the least sensible way to take colour photographs, but I think I could have some fun with it.