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winter fog, originally uploaded by Skink74.

We so rarely get snow in any quantity in this part of the country that I find it difficult to know what to do when it does arrive. When absolutely everyone is going to be taking snowy scenes how do you find something different? My reluctance to take my car out in hazardous conditions means I’m probably passing up some great opportunities in the New Forest, and grey slushy suburbs just don’t do it for me.

A couple of days ago the roads to work were OK, and there was a delicious fog hanging around. So I went, intent on finishing off a couple of rolls of film. I was shooting without a meter, as the cold seems to have killed my ancient CdS-8 so I had to wing it a bit, and I overexposed some of the foggy shots, including this one.

However, the scanner has coped well with the dark negative and I like the grey, damp, cold air in this photograph.