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water wheel

Originally uploaded by Skink74

I think I got away with this. Back in the autumn I set off late one afternoon when the weather was promising, only to find that the sun disappeared into some grey murk as soon as I arrived at my chosen location. The autumn colours I went looking for weren’t really there in the backlit glory I was after, so I switched to the 20D and sulked around a bit trying to get some attractive reflections, to no great avail.
Then I noticed this stretch of the river where the wind funnelling up from a clearing was pushing falling leaves back against the current where it slowed on the inside of a curve, and saw an opportunity. The far bank wasn’t particularly attractive, so I tried to get as close as possible to the eddy to keep it out of frame.
I was conscious of the poor reciprocity characteristics of Velvia, so kept the exposure to three seconds, which in the gloom meant shooting more open than I would have liked. There’s plenty of motion so it was long enough, and at the same time I don’t see too much colour shift, considering the light was pretty cool anyway. It’s only the top of the frame I’m disappointed in, I can’t help thinking it needs some interest there, maybe a fallen branch or something.