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Having exhausted the pack of Fuji FP-3000B I used to test out the Polaroid Super Colour Swinger III, I went looking for more film to try out. On e-Bay I found some expired Polaroid Polacolor 100 Blue for a reasonable price, so I bought three packs. I’d seen a few sample images here and there, and as the name suggests it’s predominantly blue, but not monochromatically so – reds show up in magenta tones, greens and yellows are there but somewhat muted. If anything it’s blacks that are really missing. Its ISO rating is 80 so I can use it on the 75 setting without having to worry about exposure.

Blue Angel

To start off I headed to my usual testing ground of Hursley cemetery on a cloudy morning before work. As a first image it shows the medium off quite well – deep blue instead of black in the shadows, plenty of blue tones, and the pastel hues of the redder tones of fallen leaves on the ground. You’ll also notice that for some of this pack I also tried reverse peeling the film, so that the paper mask is left on the print forming a more informal frame to the image than the neat white border you get when you peel it the normal way. I’m not sold completely, but for some it works, and if it doesn’t you can always peel the mask off later.

Delinquent bins

Having tried a few landscape shots, the best of which was somewhat wrecked when two prints touched when still oozing goo and one of the key elements in my composition happened to be on the receiving end of a particularly sticky bit of the other print, I finished off the pack on one of my infrequent walks around Winchester. I spotted this particularly colourful scene of a spray-painted mural and some fluorescent lidded commercial waste bins which shows the effect on other colours in a much more obvious way – it’s not like just shooting with a blue filter; it’s really a toned print.

A meeting of ways

I think the last of the pack is my favourite though because I think the blue tones, wayward frame and silk finish give the scene just the air I had imagined when I was stood there. I’m slightly annoyed that someone walked around the corner just as I pressed the shutter release, but that can’t be helped. I’ll enjoy finding interesting subjects for the other two packs of Blue, and I’m also looking forward to shooting the packs of “Chocolate” and “Sepia” that I’ve since acquired. The only thing I need to figure out is how you’re supposed to store the still drying prints and sticky negatives as you wander around without them ending up all over each other…